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I would recommend you to anyone. The children were all delighted with the show and all the parents have commented on how much their children enjoyed it.

Mr. McCann,
Amy's Dad



    The TWO HOUR STRESS FREE PARTY  is without doubt the most popular of Billy Banana's performances. As the premier children's party entertainer, Billy has devised programmes that are fast moving and great fun.

     Aimed at the five to nine year olds, the party will include games suited to the age group, ( complete with mini-disco ), and a choice of a puppet character if required. These include the hilarious Celia the Seal or Punch & Judy.

    During the games session, no children are 'out'. All games are full of fun and laughter and are modern variations of some old favourites.

    Then it is time for the POSH NOSH. This where the host takes over, while Billy Banana clears away the props used in part one to make way for the hilarious...


    This will usually include balloon modelling and if the birthday child is confident, they can help with the MAGIC.  During this time, some of the MAGIC happens right in front of your child's eyes,  picture the look of surprise and wonderment on their face!  He or she will be presented with a BALLOON SCULPTURE and a SPECIAL BIRTHDAY CERTIFICATE.  If a little one is a bit shy, they can simply sit and watch if they prefer.

    By the time the show has finished, parents are arriving to collect their offspring, so there is one last game to finish off the party.

    All you have to do is hand out the party bags and
     say good bye, at the end of a hugely successful party which will be remembered for ages.

    Remember..  as one of the premier children's party entertainers, Billy Banana takes all the hard work off your shoulders!

    You have no prizes to buy
    No Music to sort out
    No games to think up and organise
    A very civilised way to run a party!

    Other Party packages for this age group include a choice of four 45 minute shows and a 1 hour Mini-Party

    Billy Banana, the doyen of Children's Party Entertainers!

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